One morning in late 2017, I stumbled upon a small game called TEMPRES. It is a simple minimalist puzzle game, and it might have taken no more than five minutes of my time to figure out. I left the game both impressed by developer tak’s clever design, but also by the feeling of having played this short game early in the morning.

Since that day, aided by an amazing crew of curators, developers, and support, I’ve collected custom-made games by over 350 developers – one for each day of the year. Every developer was asked to pick a day that means something to them, or just a random day, and to make something inspired by that day. The idea was to create a meditation of sorts, a reflection, or to capture a particular moment.

Guided by TEMPRES, the games had to be short – no more than five minutes, and free of text. This would also help to support my personal belief that in some ways, games are a global language of their own. Every meditation will be prefixed with a short description, but the games themselves will be free of text.

Meditations is the collection of games that followed from this project. Each project is different - some are very short, some are more complicated. Some meditations are light and curious. Other meditations might be sad or difficult, curious or introspective, personal or playful. Each day will allow you to explore another creators' work and thoughts.

The launcher will allow you to download and access these meditations, each one only on the day they were created for. The first one, on January 1st, was TEMPRES – the game that inspired the project. Note that -since the launcher buffers a month’ worth of games, the initial launch each month will take a while.

If you enjoyed the game for a day, please let the developer know through the credits, or through the hashtag #meditationgames.