This project would have been utterly impossible without all the developers & creators who trusted Meditations with their time and work.

To acknowledge the wide diversity in context and visibility of the creators in this project, and by request of the contributors, a partial list is available now.

A full list of the creators of every game, and the contributors that helped them create these games, will be made available on December 31st, 2019. See the FAQ for more details.

The following people also contributed to creating & organizing this initiative:

- Curator and indie game player extraordinaire Jupiter Hadley
- Curator and Train Jam organizer Adriel Wallick
- Curator and connoisseur of 'trashgames' @moshboy
- Coder & partner-in-last-minute-emergencies Khalil Arafan
- Coder & (repeat) partner-in-last-minute-emergencies Krzysztof 'dalton' Pachulski
- Coder & partner-in-last-minute-emergencies Dominik Zgutka
- Coder & helper to the helpers MichaƂ Odziemczyk

Download the Meditations launcher below:

Windows 7+ OSX 10.12+

Note: the meditations launcher downloads large files of up to 500MB on the first launch of the month to prepare the meditations for the upcoming month. Please allow this download.

Content Warning: the meditations launcher launches a wide variety of games on a variety of personal topics. Please refer to the content warning here for more details.