What if every day, there was a small message from the past with a small game or toy to play with? Meditations is a launcher that, every day, loads a small game and an accompanying text as a meditation, distraction, lesson, or inspiration for that day. #meditationgames

Windows 7+ OSX 10.12+

Meditations on Windows is an executable that downloads games to your computer. This behaviour caused a few virus scanners to falsely report the file as malicious. We thoroughly scan each file released through Meditations for malicious code, and are working with affected virus scanning companies to clear the false positives.

The meditations launcher downloads large files of up to 500MB on the first launch of the month to prepare the meditations for the upcoming month. Please allow this download.

Content Warning: the meditations launcher launches a wide variety of games on a variety of personal topics. Please refer to the content warning here for more details.