How does Meditations work?

The file you download is a launcher that will allow you to access today's Meditation. To do this, the Meditations launcher occassionally downloads files of up to 500MB containing the required files.

What kind of games are in here?

Meditations are free games made in approximately six hours. They're often small, experimental, and minimalistic - and can frequently be personal. Many of these games have been inspired by the day that they're available on, and will relate in some way to the creators' life or interests. In general, they will feature no text, and should take you approximately five minutes to complete.

Is there a full list of developers?

To acknowledge the wide diversity of viewpoints, context, and visibility of the contributors to the Meditations project, a partial list has been made available now. A full list of all developers and creators involved will be published on December 31st, 2019.

Are the games all tested for malicious content?

We have personally tested and scanned every game for malicious content. Besides that, the project has been engineered in such a way as to not expose your computer to software in any type of executable state unless necessary to launch a game. You'll have opportunity to review the description of the project, and the creator's name and supplied links before launching any game.

How does the launcher establish what day it is?

The entire Meditations project is locked to Greenwich Mean Time, the international zero-point for time. This means that in your timezone, the switch to a new day might happen sooner or later. It will happen at the same time every day, though.

What happens if I miss a day?

Every game is only available on the day it was made for. That means that if you miss a day, the Meditation will be available again next year.

I really liked today's meditation. What can I do to support the creator?

On the left pane of the launcher you will find links to the creators of each game. Reach out to them there, or tweet using the hashtag #meditationgames to discuss the game publically.

Can I make a game for Meditations?

Meditations as a project has been locked down. No new games will be added, and no existing games will be replaced.

Will there be Linux support?

It turned out infeasible to request and coordinate 350+ developers to make a third platform-exclusive build. As such, we're sad to say there will not be Linux support.