Partial List of Contributors

This project would have been utterly impossible without all the developers & creators who trusted Meditations with their time and work.

As Meditations received contributions from a diverse roster of developers in all stages of their careers, with diverse personal contexts, and with diverse views on creditation and artistic collaboration, Meditations present a partial list of contributors that agreed or requested to be included.

A full list of the creators of every game, and the contributors that helped them create these games, will be made available on December 31st, 2019.

The following contributors created content for Meditations, ordered alphabetically by the primary contributor of the relevant Meditation.

Alex R. Fortes
Santiago Molina (Music)

Bahiyya Khan

Caelan Pollock

Colin Horgan


Damon L. Wakes

Daniel Ilett

Darion McCoy


Elisée Maurer

Emilie Reed

Federico Fasce
Malbers Animations

Heather Flowers

Jake Grizzly Pierce

Javier Calderón

Joarez Ceccato Santini

Kimmo Lahtinen

Lianne Booton

Lily Belmira


Nick Kaman

Omar Shehata
Jon Tiburzi

Renaud Despinois

Rick Hoppmann

Ryan Rose Aceae
Tammy Duplantis (music)
Robin (programming help)

Sarah Gould
Music: Hungaria by Latché Swing

Sarah Hiebl

Stuffed Wombat

Torstein Vien
Dan Wakefield

Zoe Vartanian

Note: this list is automatically generated using files submitted by the contributors. Meditations can not guarantee the correctness or currentness of any of the information above.